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The effortless Git GUI for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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A Unique Design

Vershd has totally separate views of branches, commits, pending files and stashes. This simpler look and feel means you can easily see your work status at all times. It makes your workflow effortless.

All Major Platforms

Vershd runs on Windows, Apple, and Linux, seamlessly. And one user licence will cover all of them. This is a Git GUI for any OS.

Protects Your Code

Vershd protects your code by showing you in advance what's going to happen when actions are taken. You can see into the future, which helps to save your present.

Are You Tired of Git's Frustrating Complexity?

Git has over 160 commands and thousands of parameters to remember.
It regularly defeats developers the world over, with the work destroyed sometimes meaning days of effort just to get back to where you were. And although it's a very powerful system, Git can be confusing, inconsistent and destroy your work in a second. We've had this experience. More than once. Which is why we created Vershd, the effortless Git GUI.
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Git GUI Features to Simplify Git

Preview Not Undo

Preview a merge before it happens. See the effect of a cherry pick in advance. Be warned if deleting a branch will erase commits that don't exist elsewhere. Just some of the advantages of a Git GUI.
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Clear, Simple, Layouts

Get clarity for your work. Branches shows branches and their commits, where you can easily pull, push, cherry pick and more. Pending shows what you can commit or stash. History shows commits and their files. Stashes helps you apply, view and delete your stashes.

Effortless History Overview

Use the History slider to fly through the commits on a branch with this Git GUI. Use wild card searches to find commits easily. Compare the working file vs. historic file vs. the latest or penultimate commits of that file through the context menu.
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Download Vershd Git GUI
& Make Git Simple

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