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Achieve a Git Partial Commit of a File

How to achieve a Git partial commit of a file, instead of the whole of it. We show you how to commit one hunk at a time, interactively, simply and safely.

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Overwrite Local Files but Keep Un-pushed Commits

If you have local untracked files that need to be replaced with Git repository ones, how do you do it without losing anything? We show you how.

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Make Git Change a Commit Message

Whether you need to alter just the last Git commit you made, or a number of them, this shows you to make Git change a commit message.

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How to Git Move a Commit to Another Branch

You’ve made one or more commits, and now realise they’re on entirely the wrong branch. So how can you make Git move a commit to another branch, either a new branch, or perhaps an existing one?

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Git Ignore Committed Files

How can you git ignore committed files? We show you how to ignore files which have previously been committed to Git source control.

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Undo Multiple Commits Safely

Although amending a previous commit is trivially simple and only requires you to type git commit --amend, what happens when your needs are far greater?
You might have multiple commits to undo, keeping the existing working files, then alter some of those files, and finally make a new commit.
Here's the solution.

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Git Rebase Instead of Merge

Do you need to Git rebase instead of a merge? It can create an easy to read history in Git. We show you how.

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