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Vershd Release 4.0

05 Mar 2021

This is part of our Releases category. We also have a Git Tips series.

Vershd Release Details

This major release of Vershd has these improvements:

  • Vershd can now use any file comparison software for diff and merge functionality that you wish to use. It hooks straight into the Git config, so whatever is configured to be used in Git is what Vershd will use.
  • Repositories can now be loaded far faster, via the File menu. Recently opened repositories are automatically available as short cuts in the menu. A different repository is opened with just two clicks.
  • The History tab has been merged into the Branches tab for increased speed when looking through a repository. Click on a commit, and it's files are opened there and then. Searching is now possible right in the Branches tab, with highlights for what has changed in the commit metadata, and its files.
  • The last commit can now be amended, and easily. There are two different views; comparing the working files to the last commit, or the previous.
  • The macOS menus have been improved to be inline with the standard Mac look and feel.
  • Bug fixes.

Boost Your Software Development

Do you need a Git GUI that's totally free for personal use? Vershd boosts your software development productivity by making Git simple with a unique UI/UX. It's a Git GUI that prevents errors and creates clarity. This Git client soars over your repository and then swoops down to quickly tackle branches, commits and files. It deals with Git, so you can concentrate on coding.

Get screenshots and a 60 second video of what Vershd, the effortless Git GUI can do for you.
Vershd is the effortless Git GUI for Windows, Mac, & Linux
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