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Vershd makes Git simple

It's a gateway to an easier life with Git.

How the Vershd Features Work for You

Vershd creates clarity and simplicity when looking at your repositories. It does this in four fundamental ways, with a separate view for each. Simplicity is part of the DNA of Vershd.


See all the commits in one branch clearly. Gain insights with the unique visual branch comparison tool. Leverage a 'rewind' option to swiftly delete or undo commits' changes. Effortlessly push, pull, merge, and more. See the full range here.
Vershd - Branches
Vershd - Branches


Benefit from a clear insight into what changes you want to commit or stash. Never waste time worrying about the index. Just select files, write a message, and commit. Compare files with their previous commits and working files. Discover more here.


Fly through thousands of commits in a second using Vershd's unique timeline. Use fuzzy searching to instantly find which file had the change you seek. Compare historic files with working files, or the latest commit's files. Get clarity here.
Vershd - Branches
Vershd - Branches


Prevent overwriting good code with an old stash by comparing stashed files to working files. Reinstate the index when popping the stash. Quickly see what's been stashed, and when. Find out more here.
Oscar the owl and Vershd logo
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