Makes Git Simple

Vershd is the fluent Git GUI.

Download Vershd for
Windows, Linux & macOS

Clear Simple Insights

See everyone's work in the clearest way possible. Branches shows branches and their commits, where you can easily pull, push, cherry pick and more. Pending shows what you can commit or stash. Files shows commits' details. Stashes helps you apply, view and delete your stashes.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3...

You won't need any Git commands with parameters as long as your arm. Most of the things you need to get done can be achieved in just a few clicks.

Rewind, not Revert / Reset

Simpler and easier than using Revert or Reset. Rewind winds the clock back on commits, letting you choose whether to keep pending files or not.

Advanced Context Menus

Right clicking on a commit lets you merge, cherry pick, or create a branch there and then. Files have many ways to compare them to either historic or working files on your desktop.

Push Swiftly

You can push a repository in just two clicks, forcing an overwrite of the remote repository if you desire. Its simple and straight forward.

Pull in Seconds

Choose between merging or rebasing. Then Vershd works out where to pull from, or you can specify the branch. A couple of clicks and you're done.
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