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Vershd is the effortless Git GUI for Windows, Mac, & Linux

Source control management if critical to any software project, and Git is the tool of choice for many. Vershd has a unique UI/UX, designed from the ground up to make Git easier and simpler. It prevents errors and saves you time. You need to spend less time on version control systems, and more time pushing to production. Vershd helps you to do this.

Although Git is very powerful, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. It can destroy days of work in a single command, both your code and your team's efforts. And with 160 commands to learn, and thousands of parameters, it can be a nightmare to use correctly and easily. And there's always the chance that the end result will have destroyed something.

Vershd reduces the complexity of Git to four clear views.
  • Branches lets you manage merging, creating, cherry picking and more. It also has a unique branch comparison tool to show you what's the same, and what's different.
  • Pending lets you quickly commit or stash files into new commits. Never deal with the tedious 'staging' to index again. Just commit, push and move on.
  • History shows the files within commits on a branch, and has  a powerful search that can find file contents in a second.
  • Stash lets you apply, delete and view stashes. You can also compare the stashed files to both working files and the repository after you stashed.

You can start using Vershd immediately. Just read on.

But first we'd like to tell you about some bonuses you get with Vershd. They are of course, totally free.

Bonus: Git Cheat Sheet

Our comprehensive Git cheat sheet for all, from newbie to Git guru, will certainly help you. We’ve created a concise but extensive list of Git commands, what they do, and how to use them. Its all too common to be searching for example commands to jog your memory. This cheat sheet will help you do that faster.

It's yours as a free bonus immediately after signing up.

Bonus: Git Tips

This is a set of in depth tips about specific Git situations you'll encounter, and how to get out of them. Quickly change a merge into a rebase. Swiftly move many commits to another branch. Revert multiple commits, then edit & commit again. And how to ignore previously committed files.

This is also yours as a free bonus right after signing up to get a year of Vershd for free.

Bonus: 25 Design Patterns

Cruise across the tight rope and give a big boost to your software development. We have 25 real world examples of useful design patterns. They are written in C# .NET Core but are of benefit to any developer. Become an even better engineer.
Another free bonus when you sign up to get a year of Vershd for free.

Free For Two Whole Years!

To help software developers deal with Git easily, we want as many people to use Vershd as possible.

So for a limited time, we're offering a simple way to get Vershd totally free. You will start using Vershd immediately (the download link will be in the email you receive from us).

How? Just get 3 other people to sign up here, as you're about to, and the full functionality of Vershd will be yours for a year. It is that simple. If you get another 10 people to sign up, you get it free for two years.
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Terms & Conditions

The only prizes available are getting a full licence to use Vershd free of charge for a year, or for two years. There is no cash equivalent.

You can only get Vershd free for one year or two once in your lifetime, for just one licence. Any purchases of additional licences will be at the full price.

You receive the one year prize after getting 3 other people to sign up for this offer by entering their name and email address. The two year prize requires 13 people to sign up for this offer by entering their name and email address. You must use the unique individual link that will be sent to you after you have entered your name and email to do this, so we can attribute further sign ups to you.

These prizes cannot be used in conjunction with any other prizes or discounts. These prizes are null and void if not gained in exchange for the required number of other people also signing up for this prize.
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