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Vershd Git Client

The effortless Git client for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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A Unique UI/UX

Vershd is a Git client with separate views of branches, commits, pending files and stashes. This clean and clear overview lets you see your repository's situation with ease. It makes your workflow effortless.

All Major Platforms

Vershd runs on Windows, Apple, and Linux, seamlessly. And one user licence covers all of them on up to 3 machines, in any combination.

Code Protection

Vershd protects your code by showing you in advance what's going to happen when actions are taken. You can see into the future, which helps to save your present.

Are You Frustrated with Git's Complexity?

Git has well over 160 commands to remember. The sheer frustration that software engineers experience is commonplace. As are the major mistakes that can be made with just one small typo.  You can lose days of work in almost an instant, and Git's commands are inconsistent and can be confusing. Life isn't supposed to be a memory test. Which is why we created Vershd, the effortless Git client.
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A Few Features of Vershd - Git Client

Preview Before Actions

See what will commits will be used when you cherry pick or merge. Get advance notification if a branch deletion will erase commits that don't exist on another branch. This is a clearer Git client.
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Simple & Clean Design

See all of the work of you and others in the clearest way possible. Branches shows branches and their commits, where you can easily pull, push, cherry pick and more. Pending shows what you can commit or stash. Files shows commits and their files. Stashes helps you apply, view and delete your stashes.

Commit Files in Seconds

Don't waste time with the index. Just select the files, commit, push, and get on with your job. Changing a commit by amending files, author, message or more is simple. Resolve conflicts with ease, step by step.
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