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Vershd Premium for just $37 / year


$37 / year / user
on up to 3 machines

Push a branch in 2 clicks
Pull a branch in 2 clicks
Create a branch
Create a stash
Delete a stash
Apply a stash
Get a clear overview
Preview changes
Rewind commits
View a single branch cleanly
Merge commits
Cherry pick commits
Commit files without staging
Switch between committing and stashing
Don't just ignore files, bury them 
Easily use 'conventional commits'
Push when committing
Compare working files to latest commit
Compare working file to previous commit
Create patches of working file changes
$37 / year / user
on up to 3 machines

The Free Plan

Vershd has a free plan which is available for personal users, charities, non-profits, educational institutions, and trade unions.
If the use of Vershd is for any other reason, including commercial or governmental, a licence must be purchased after the 30 day trial period has elapsed.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have any concerns, or simply decide not to continue using Vershd, tell us within 30 days of subscribing. You'll get a full refund straight away. We would greatly appreciate a reason to let us improve our service, but it isn't compulsory. If you're not happy, then you can get a full refund. No quibbles.

Free Upgrades & Updates

Whilst you subscribe to Vershd, you get free upgrades. This means new features, bug fixes and more. And those updates cover all our operating systems. We always ship new functionality and fixes to every OS we support.

Windows, Apple macOS & Linux

Vershd works on all three major desktop operating systems.  Windows (64 bit, Windows 7 or later). Apple macOS (10.10 or later). Linux (AppImage format - this also works on ChromeOS). And it supports one licence being used on up to 3 machines.
So if you switch operating systems, you maintain your licence exactly as it is. Want a new Apple laptop? Replacing your Windows box with Linux? Go ahead, Vershd will just run on them for you.
Oscar the owl and Vershd logo
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