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How to Git Reset Hard Effortlessly

Git reset --hard is powerful but you can easily lose code forever. Software developers need to use git reset hard quickly, and we show you an optional undo facility.

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How to Git Commit Amend Effortlessly

Git commit --amend is a powerful tool to fix problem commits, add files and more. We show you how to use it.

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How to Git Add Effortlessly

Adding files to Git using 'git add' can be more complex and subtle than you think. Get all the solutions here.

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How to Git Amend Commit Message Effortlessly

Whether you need to alter just the last Git commit you made, or a number of them, this shows you to make Git amend a commit message.

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How to Git Ignore Already Tracked Files Effortlessly

How can you git ignore committed files? We show you how to ignore files which have previously been committed to Git source control.

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How to Git Reset Effortlessly

Although amending a previous commit with git reset is simple, what happens when you have multiple commits to undo, perhaps keeping the existing working files?

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