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12 TypeScript Visual Studio Code Snippets

Visual Studio Code is a great tool by Microsoft, but code snippets are a hidden gem within it that can really accelerate your software coding speeds. Here we have a wide selection of Visual Studio code snippets to help you get further as a developer.

Any user of VS Code will benefit from from these code snippets, from beginner to advanced. Some are very simple, but even cutting back on the number of curly brackets you type in your lifetime can save you time.

Print to the console with a variable

"Print to console with variable": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csLog",
"body": ["console.log('$1: ', $2)$0"],
"description": "Log output to console"

If / else statement

"If else": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csIfElse",
"body": ["if ($1) {", "\t$2", "}", " else {", "\t$3", "}", "", "$0"],
"description": "If / else statement"

If statement

"If": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csIf",
"body": ["if ($1) {", "\t$0", "}"],
"description": "If statement"

Else statement

"Else": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csElse",
"body": [" else $1{", "\t$0", "}"],
"description": "Else statement"

Property with a backing field

"Property with a backing field": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csProp",
"body": [
"private $1Private: $0",
"public get $1(): $0 {",
"\treturn this.$1Private",
"public set $1(value: $0) {",
"\tthis.$1Private = value",
"description": "Property with a backing field"

Field variable

"Field": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csField",
"body": ["${1|private,public|} ${2:FieldName}${3|: boolean,: string|,: number|,: date|}"],
"description": "Field (class level)"

Class constructor

"Constructor": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csConstructor",
"body": ["constructor() {", "\tsuper()", "\t$0", "}"],
"description": "Constructor statement"

Export class

"Export class": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csClass",
"body": [
" *",
" *",
" * @export",
" * @class $1",
" */",
"export class $1 {",
"\tconstructor() {",
"description": "Export class"

Import Node module

"Import node module": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csImport",
"body": ["import * as $2 from '$1'$0"],
"description": "Import node module"

For... loop

"For loop": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csFor",
"body": ["for (let ${1:i} = 0; ${1:i} < $2; ${1:i}++) {", "\t$0", "}"],
"description": "For loop"

Class method

"Method": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csMethod",
"body": [
"${1|private,public|} ${2| ,async|} ${3:MethodName}($4)${5| ,: Promise|} {",
"description": "Method"

Try... catch block

"Try / catch": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csTryCatch",
"body": ["try {", "\t$1", "}", "catch (error) {", "\t$0", "}"],
"description": "Try / catch block"

Try... finally block

"Try / finally": {
"scope": "typescript",
"prefix": "csTryFinally",
"body": ["try {", "\t$1", "}", "finally {", "\t$0", "}"],
"description": "Try / finally"


These Visual Studio Code snippets will help you to crank out code more frequently, and produce more benefits for your customers. Use these TypeScript VS Code snippets whenever you want to shave even just a little time off your development.

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